Company's name is “Société Anonyme for the Promotion of Businesses supporting Local Production & Hospitality”, i.e. We do local Standard and its certified members.


The need..

Greece is an “ark” of rare natural beauty, civilization, history and gastronomy. It is famous worldwide for the hospitality and it is no wonder that it is one of the most popular tourist destinations. During the last decade, though, while the number of tourists increased, the tourist industry lost its orientation, its identity and it adopted a foreign way of operation and behavior. So, there is an imperative need nowadays for:

Our homeland needs us – and it is us, all of us together, who can go against the financial crisis that has plagued our country, by supporting each other. Only together we can change the tourism market, by upgrading our services and developing ways to provide them. 


The idea turns into action … on Crete

So, originally there was this idea, to develop and promote a philosophy under which all the businesses in the tourism sector would operate – a new product of hospitality that would support the place it is located in and, at the same time, would offer visitors a complete taste of it.

And that was WE DO LOCAL

The idea was launched by 14 businessmen in the tourism sector on Crete, who believed in that philosophy, wanted to change the existing background in the tourism market and support the local producers and the local society. So, they joined forces and aimed at the proper method to apply and promote all these to every business on Crete and in other parts of Greece. That is how the “Local Production and Hospitality SA” was established – with the aim to promote all businesses that would follow this philosophy.  


The philosophy as Certification Standard..

For the excellent operation of this company and the right incorporation of businesses in it, along with the Cosmocert SA Certification Services and the Local Food Experts Company, We do local has become a certification standard for businesses that follow its philosophy. By acquiring this certification, the businesses are certified, rewarded and promoted for their services and they also have an additional significant means of promotion. 


The objective..

Our objective is the promotion of the We do local Standard in Greece and abroad, via a number of promotional actions, the development and diversification of the business members and the promotion of all certified members to all markets that are interested. 


The vision..

The vision of the Local Production and Hospitality SA is to create a gradually increasing powerful team, via the promotion of the We do local Standard in Greece and abroad. The team’s primary concern is to support the local production and economy, as well as to promote the local cuisine and the customs and traditions to visitors. This way, these businesses support and contribute in the development and promotion of local tourism. 


Contact Info

Website: www.wedolocal.gr
Email: info@wedolocal.gr
Tel: +30 2810 231709
Mob: +30 697 1872663
Address: 28A, Alexandrou Papanastasiou Ave., Heraklion Crete, Postal Code 71306 



Offices 28A, Alexandrou Papanastasiou Ave.,
Heraklion Crete, Postal Code 71306
Tel: +30 2810 231709
Mob: +30 697 1872663
e-mail : info@wedolocal.gr

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