AUTHENTIC GREECE is an innovative Food and Gastrotourism company that develops synergies between the Food and Hospitality sectors, achieving their concurrent promotion in a very efficient and sustainable way.

“AUTHENTIC GREECE” offers a range of standardized authentic delicacies from selected producers' laboratories that use recipes deep-rooted in the Greek rural tradition. In addition, the company is developing a network of very valuable associated hotels and restaurants, which share the same values ​​of "authentic" Mediterranean Diet.

We can say that “AUTHENTIC GREECE” is, as far as we know, the only effort in Greece, and beyond, which has practically implemented the association of branded Local Products with Tourism and Points of (Food) Sales. With common promotional activities and an excellent follow-up communication mechanism, it is possible for Products and Hotels to maintain "contact" with the consumer/tourist throughout the year - and through resilient incentives of promotion and loyalty.

A key part of company’s strategy is for the consumer to "link" the products to the place and the producer, while consuming them - either at home or at a hotel. So we work with hotels to make use of our products in a prominent way and, on the other hand, at our associated Ffood outlets, we promote cooperative hotels as a means of our sales strategy.

For information, the company’s contact details are as follows:

Dimitris Vassiliou
Mob: 6932-277.779



Offices 28A, Alexandrou Papanastasiou Ave.,
Heraklion Crete, Postal Code 71306
Tel: +30 2810 231709
Mob: +30 697 1872663
e-mail :

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